CAE Strategy Consulting

For many companies across wide range of industries, it is very important to bring high quality, innovative products to market quickly and cost-effectively. The key of meeting this goal in today’s competitive business environment is a finely tuned product development process that includes powerful engineering simulation technology.

Simulation software is integral in reducing the time and costs associated with physical testing of products for aerospace, automotive, heavy machineries, oil and gas and construction industries. As companies start to use simulation technology, a right CAE- strategy is a must to ensure all the added values from the implementation of simulation in the product development process can be fully utilized. We determine together with our customer a holistic solution which is beneficial to your organisation. Our main goal is sustainable increase of your  product development performance.

The core elements of our consultations are:

1. Actual state analysis

2. Integration of simulation technology with design, testing and manufacturing

3. Working out customer-specific requirements

4. Implementation support per customer request

End User Support

Zultech employees can support you not only in software-related problems but they can also work as Structural Engineer / FEA Engineer in the projects which they carry out on behalf of the clients.
Our support is extensive and we can provide help like for example in the software installation, software usage, checking and evaluation of FE-models and design variants.

Our services:

1. Software support

We provide user support for ANSYS, HyperMesh, OptiStruct, Radioss, and SpaceClaim.

2. Second opinion

We discuss your simulation model with you, so that you can gain confidence in your analysis and play it safe with your simulation approach.

3. Analysis plan before project kick-off

We support in the preparation of your simulation projects, so that  you can execute your analysis in the best possible way and as a result safely achieve your objectives.

Simulation on Demand

If you do not want or are not able to do the simulation, we can do the complete the work package including verification and results evaluation for you. We can also combined both our knowledge in simulation and your expertise in your products and do it together.

Whether for occasional simulation needs, unforeseen personal bottlenecks (e.g. resignation, illness or vacations) or expanding your R&D knowledge, we are always there for you.

We hold no project information and findings from our clients. Results evaluation and technical discussion are major parts in our consulting services. All the things that have been work out during the project including results, methods and scripts will be passed to the clients. Through the submitted data, you will see how we do it and consequently master the next simulation challenge yourselves.

Process Customization

During day-to-day product development activities, there are numbers of repeated tasks which can be automated to save time and costs as well as minimizing human errors. Automating pre- and post-processing can bring a lot of benefits to the whole simulation process. For example automatic data input reduces errors and with this, increase the quality of the end results. The workload of FEA engineers can be reduced because a lot of the routine tasks can be performed by non FEA experts (e.g. design engineers).

Customization can be done according to customer requirements by using suitable platform. Our consultations include:

1. Automatic verification / certification report generator [ VBA, .NET]

2. Test data analysis ( e.g. Strain gauge and load cells data) [Python]

3. Software-specific function extension [ANSYS, SpaceClaim, HyperMesh, HyperView]

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